活水女子大学では、授業期間中、火曜日と木曜日に「朝の礼拝」を行っており、心洗われるひと時をもって一日を始めることができます。 15分間という短い時間ですが、オルガンに導かれて讃美歌を歌い、聖書のことばに触れ、メッセージを聴きます。メッセージを「Chapelmate(チャペルメイト)」として掲載しております。

2019 秋季号

-朝の礼拝から 1-

Welcome strangers for they may be angels.


 Recently I see many stories in the news regarding the increase of foreign tourists and foreign workers in Japan. The latest population figures estimated 2,660,000 foreigners currently live here, just over 2% of the whole population, which is low compared to most industrialized countries. Moreover, because of the decline in the Japanese birth rate, Japan needs more foreign workers especially in construction, care-work, farming, and service industries. In April immigration laws were changed to allow foreign workers with certain skills to stay for longer, and bring their family to live here with them.
 The government recognizes that the foreign workforce will need help especially with finding information about things such as education and health care, as well as help learning Japanese. A law was passed in June to promote Japanese language education for foreign residents, in order to create a “vibrant cohesive society that respects diverse cultures”. Recently an office opened near here to provide multilingual advice to foreign residents, and I know several teachers and students who are providing Japanese language support to children in local schools. In my classes we discuss ways students can help the children and parents they might encounter, for example with issues like school lunches which might contain food that the family cannot eat for religious reasons.
 Today’s scripture is from Paul’s letter to the Hebrews, reminding them to welcome strangers in their homes, for who knows, they might be angels. Japanese people are extremely welcoming and hospitable, but sadly there are stories of people being discriminated against because they are foreign, for example when trying to rent accommodation. Many foreign workers who come as Technical Interns find themselves mistreated by their employers, underpaid and over-worked, and tragically a growing number are dying.
 In several places in the Old Testament the Bible tells us to accept foreigners as we do ourselves, as the Israelites themselves were once sojourners or foreigners in Egypt. I hope that Japanese people will be able to do that too.

子ども学科 政次 カレン

-朝の礼拝から 2-



 実は、今、ここでしゃべっていることも、原稿を作っていません。頭に思い浮かんだことを話しているだけなのです。それはそっちの方が楽しそうだからという理由に過ぎません。(ということなので、この原稿は、実際にしゃべった内容と、大きくかけ離れている可能性があります。ご容赦ください) 最後に、あるテキストに書かれているお祈りの言葉で締めたいと思います。



音楽学科 安川徹

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